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Sad It's Over - Warm Farewell to the 4th EFT Summer School and Tons of Thanks to All!!!

See you All July 2020!

5th EFT International Summer School 2020, London UK

26-27th June 2020 - NEWCOMERS Cohort
1st-4th July 2020 - EFT-TRAINED Cohort



Registration Open!

EFT Clinical Forum
'Where Are You…? Where Am I…?’
How Does Polyvagal Theory inform EFT Clinician?

Where: Canada Water Library, 21 Surrey Quays Rd, SE16 7AR (next door to Canada Water tube, Jubilee line).
Dates: Friday 8th Nov 2019
Leader: Gulya Diyarova, MSc Tavistock, UKCP, Accr. COSRT, BACP, ICEEFT,
Director, EFT International School.

You are welcome:
- If you at least have attended Introductory EFT Overview workshops and read "Creating Connections. Practice of EFT" by Sue Johnson,
- Or participated in EFT International Summer Schools,
- Or/and are at any stage of your EFT training and development.

Since Stephen Porges proposed his Polyvagal Theory (1994), which linked the role of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in managing risks and safety through changing our physiological state to the emergence of Social Engagement behaviour, it has arguably become one of the most promising and innovative developments to impact the therapy world in the past 25 years. It was called ‘Science of safety’ (D. Dana, 2018), science of feeling safe enough to fall in love and take the risks of connection, which is also the major tenet of EFT approach.

This workshop is going BEYOND neuroscience, attempting to show the ways of integrating Polyvagal Theory and EFT in our clinical practice:
- Getting to know your Nervous System. Polyvagal Ladder.
- To communicate clinically relevant features of Polyvagal Theory.
- Why distressed clients continually move through an enduring cycle of fight or flight
mobilisation, numbness and disconnect?
- Polyvagal and EFT. Where do they meet?
- Why we access primary emotion for change in EFT?
- How to apply polyvagal lens and EFT in re-patterning the ways the ANS operates,
when the drive to survive competes with the longing to connect with others?
- How to access clients’ Social Engagement System to co-regulate and help to shift
their experiences and personal narratives to feeling heroic and not victimised?

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Registration Open for the 3rd Season EFT Movie Club!

EFT Movie Club and Skills Lab

Dates and Times
Fridays bi-monthly 10am to 1pm
22 Nov 2019 – 17 Jan 2020 – 20 Mar – 22 May – 10 Jul
with Gulya Diyarova, ICEEFT Cert. EFT therapist and supervisor
(Please, Note the March date is preliminary,
depending on my international training schedule not finalised yet)

Download the booking form here

How we learn EFT?
· Reading books
· Attending EFT Externship, Core Skills, EFT Workshops – and Annual EFT International
Summer School!
· EFT Supervision – Groups and Individual

Have Been There… Done That…And Keep Going…!

As EFT is first and foremost an Experiential model, from experience and feedback, we learn the approach not so much from books and lectures but by “Tell, Show, D0” way.

What will we be doing at EFT Movie Club & Skills Lab?

1st Part of the session - watch together training videos of EFT Experts
conducting their Live sessions:
· Observing and noticing interventions,
· “Unpacking” finer moments of their interaction with couples,
· Pausing at frequent intervals to discuss and reflect,
· See how it resonates with us, where it lands on our hearts,
· What it evokes inside and how we might respond in our “Self-of the-Therapist’ awareness.
In the 2nd part of our sessions we will “try on”, practice and hone in Role
Plays the interventions we have just watched and discussed – amongst other various things:
· Safety First - In Escalation and constantly at every moment of the session
· Reactivity – Contain, Challenge and Control, learn how to put it to good use in the session
· Cycle – Recognising it in the Session, Tracking, Focusing, Validating, Reflecting, Summarising
and Giving it back to the couple
· Emotions – Cues, Entry points into experience, Reflect, Validate, Deepen, Enact
· Enactments – Tango moves, different types of Enactments, 3Bs (Blocks/Balks and Bullets)

Your comments, reflections, and questions will be encouraged
and most welcome!

Who can participate?
The Course is open to therapists including students, who want to grasp, learn and master, or brush up on, the HOWs and WHYs of this great model in the company of like-minded and supportive fellow EFTers - who want to see Master Clinicians applying the model in various clinical situations.
· Those with no formal EFT training yet, but really EFT-inspired, who have done at least an Introductory EFT workshop, attended EFT Summer Schools, and intend to undertake EFT training.
Essential pre-requisite reading for this subgroup - "Creating Connections. Practice of EFT" and “Becoming an Emotionally Focused Therapist. Workbook” by Sue Johnson.
· Those who have started or completed formal ICEEFT EFT Training and want to access more Videos of EFT sessions.
· Experienced and/or Certified EFT therapists who want to boost and/or 'polish' their skills that took or are taking you to certification.

Commitment to the whole series is required (5 bi-monthly sessions) to preserve consistency and flow of learning the model.

Every care will be taken to preserve the confidentiality of clients.
· Attending therapists are expected to belong to recognised professional bodies (eg, BACP, UKCP, COSRT, etc) and are bound by Code of Ethics to keep confidential any clients’ information in the videos.
· Therapists will be given notice to leave the room and not participate in a session if they think they may know the clients in videos.
· Participating therapists recognise and accept that no clients’ material can be shown outside these sessions and no copies can be made.

To secure your place send your Application Form to [email protected] along with your payment (payment details are in the Form).

Venue: Canada Water Library (1min from Canada Water tube, Jubilee line)

Download the booking form here

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